Improving Curb Appeal With Tile Roofing

If you’re searching for methods to enhance your roofing system as well as enhance the worth of your house, you may want to have a look at floor tile.

Professionals say adding a ceramic tile roof covering is among the most economical building and construction tasks available. The fashionable roofs could endure several of nature’s toughest components (such as wind, hail, rain as well as fire) as well as roof covering floor tiles typically lug a somewhat longer guarantee compared to other roofing surface areas. An included advantage: Tile roof coverings are an eco-friendly building option. Right here’s a better look:

Cost Benefits

Floor tile has a life cycle of 50 to 100 years, depending upon the floor tile, making it an economical option for several home owners. Additionally, floor tile roofing systems decrease straight warm transfer. Therefore, a ceramic tile roof covering can reduce air-conditioning expenses in hotter environments and also produce more continuous temperature levels in colder regions. In enhancement to reducing heating prices, the continuous temperature lowers the probabilities of ice build-up on the roofing.


Tile roofing supplies a variety of building style selections as well as they are available in a range of colors and shapes that could assist set your residence apart. For example, concrete and clay floor tile roofing systems are as unique as the residences they’re installed on and also they’re readily available in coatings and also designs developed to accentuate a residence’s appearance.


Floor tile roof guarantees are usually negotiable and also backed by widely known, respectable companies. That’s one reason specialists state a floor tile roofing system’s greater setup expense, when topped the complete life of the roofing system, is really an investment that will increase the worth of a house when it is sold or resold.


A common mistaken belief is that roof tile is too hefty for numerous frameworks. A lot of modern buildings are strong enough to support the weight of a floor tile roofing system. The majority of older structures could handle the weight of standard ceramic tile, supplied all previous roofing products are removed initially. Moreover, many roof tile suppliers currently offer light-weight floor tile, which is especially appropriate for reroofing jobs.


Ceramic tile has been Europe as well as Asia’s initial roof covering selection for centuries, with lots of tile-roofed structures requiring little or no maintenance. Floor tile’s durability has been clearly shown by exactly how well it has actually endured the examination of time, climate as well as all-natural calamities.

New Types Of Tile

Today, property owners could locate brand-new kinds of more powerful, much more energy-efficient ceramic tile roof coverings. Some new tile is also Class A fire-rated and able to hold up against high winds, hail storm and earthquakes far better than other roofing material.